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Best Video Poker Casinos for Canada

Canadian Video Poker Casinos

First video poker machines were introduced to the world in the mid-seventies, and they gained popularity throughout the eighties. Video poker has maintained its popularity and is still found at most online casinos. If you like a game of skill with a low house edge, video poker is a great choice. Unlike in normal poker, you do not play against opponents, so the game is quick and enjoyable.

Canadian Video Poker Casinos

First video poker machines were introduced to the world in the mid-seventies, and they gained popularity throughout the eighties. Video poker has maintained its popularity and is still found at most online casinos. If you like a game of skill with a low house edge, video poker is a great choice. Unlike in normal poker, you do not play against opponents, so the game is quick and enjoyable.

Best Video Poker Casinos

How Video Poker Works

In video poker the player gets drawn 5 cards, and they can then choose which ones to keep and which ones to replace with new ones. The goal is to get as good a poker hand as possible, so basic knowledge of poker hands is required to understand the game. Some online versions have an automated function which does show you a recommendation on which cards to keep.

The least paying combinations usually are Jacks or better, two pair and three of a kind. Medium-paying combinations are straight, flush and full house. The top three highest paying poker hands are four of a kind, straight flush and the best being royal flush.

Here are the main rules of a standard video poker game:

Most poker games are played with a standard deck containing 52 cards. Some games include jokers as wilds (they replace any card) but some do not.
After you have placed a bet, you can press the ‘deal’ button and you are then presented with 5 random cards from the deck.
You can then choose which cards you want to keep and which ones to discard by pressing the ‘hold’ button on those you wish to keep. Some games make a suggestion on cards to hold automatically, speeding up the gameplay.
You can then re-press the ‘deal’ button to get some new cards in place of the ones you have discarded. These are your final cards and will show whether you won or not. If you won, you get paid as shown on the pay table of the game.

Before You Play

There are plenty of variants for video poker, so you should always check out the rules of the game beforehand. The rules can be found under ‘help’ or ‘info’ in the game client.

Choosing a site and game variant – You can find out some handy info about the game such as the pay table, minimum bets and rules under the game’s info. If you are a beginner in playing video poker, choose a game which is ‘Jacks or Better’ variant. This means that it pays out for getting two Jacks in your hand, which some games do not pay out for.
Placing a bet – Different games have different bet sizes, so compare them to find out one that works for you.
Drawing the first round of cards – After you have selected your bet size, you can press the ‘deal’ button to get your five cards. In some games they get dealt face down before turning them all over at the same time, in others you get them dealt one by one all facing up.
Picking the cards you want to keep or ‘hold’ – Click the card(s) you want to keep by tapping them or a ‘hold’ button near the card. You can select and de-select the cards as you make your decision. Any cards you decide not to keep will be removed and replaced with random new ones from the same deck that your first cards were drawn from.
Pressing ‘deal’ again – Once you have made your selection, press ‘deal’ again. The cards you kept will stay, and the ones you did not keep will be replaced with cards from the same deck.
Seeing your second round dealt – Once you have been dealt your second round, the game ends and the hand you now have is your final result.
Receiving your winnings (hopefully!) – If you won, you get paid according to the pay table. You can then play a new round if you wish.

What is the Difference Between Video Poker and Poker?

The main difference between video poker and poker is the fact that in video poker you play against a computer, not other players. This main difference then results in many minor differences.

In video poker, your hand is the only one dealt and you do not have to beat any opponents, only the computer. This means that you do not have to keep a poker face or read your opponents to discern what kind of hand they might have. As you play alone, you can also pace the game to your needs. You can take your time selecting or speed up the game by selecting automated hold suggestions.

Some say that video poker is easier than regular poker, but that does not mean that playing video poker requires no skill. A good video poker player must know the basics of poker and which hands to try to build up. Video poker is a lot more accessible, as it is a single player game found almost at all casinos and you can usually play it with small bets.

Different Video Poker Variants

As a popular game, video poker has created a lot of variants which have a few minor rule differences, but generally follow the same core strategy. If you get enthusiastic about video poker, we suggest you try out a few of the variants to find out your favourite.

Jacks or Better

The most common and played variant, which is also very beginner friendly. This variant pays out hands that have a pair of jacks. The return-to-player is high at 99.5%.

Deuces Wild

In this game variation all twos are wild cards. ‘Wild’ means that the card will substitute any other card, so you can create a better poker hand with any card of your choice. The lowest pay-out in this game begins from three of a kind.

Double Bonus Poker

This variation is like Jacks or Better but offers a bonus pay-out for getting four aces.

Aces and Eights

Another variation like Jacks or Better but this one offers high pay-outs for getting four 7s, 8s or aces.

How to Play Video Poker on Your Mobile

A lot of our internet use and gameplaying happens on mobile these days, as people are often on the go. To play video poker on your mobile device, such as smartphone or tablet, follow these few simple rules:

Choose your casinoChoose an online casino from one of our lists and open the casino’s website on your mobile browser.
Sign into your account – If you are a new player, register a new account. If you already have an account, log in with your details. If you are just playing for fun and free, you can usually skip this step.
Make a deposit – If you are playing for real money, make a deposit to get some funds to play with. Remember to take advantage of any welcome bonuses the casino offers!
Pick a game – Pick the game you would like to play. The games on online casinos are usually categorised and you can find the video poker games under a specific tab.
Start playing! – Follow the steps we have gone through earlier in this article to start playing. If you are a beginner, we suggest you play with fake money to get used to the game rules and come up with a good strategy. We wish you good luck and many great wins!


Where can I find a good video poker game?

Online casinos are full to bursting with great video poker games, so there are plenty of options. You should just pick one and try it out yourself to see if it is something you like! There are different rule variants, but also different themes, graphics and soundtracks – all features that have an impact on how enjoyable you find the game.

Do I need special software to play?

Usually not, as many online casinos these days are browser-based. This means that you will only need a computer, a smartphone or a tablet and one of the commonly used web browsers, such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If any software is needed (e.g. when the casino works in an app) you will get notified and a link to download any software that you need.

How do I place bets with my money, and get winnings?

To place bets with your money and thus be able to win some real money, you first have to make a deposit to the casinos. Most casinos offer multiple payment options, which could include credit/debit card, e-wallets, pre-paid options and mobile pay. Once you have completed the deposit, you can start placing bets with the funds you have just paid to your casino account balance.

What types of games are available?

Jacks or Better is the most common variant of video poker and you are sure to find it at most online casinos. Some casinos have a larger selection of video poker and can have different variants or even video poker with a progressive jackpot price.

Do you play video poker the same way you play real life poker?

The aim is basically the same: to get as good a poker hand as possible. There are a few differences though, the main one being that you do not play video poker against other opponents (real humans or AIs), you play alone and against the computer.

Can I play for free?

Yes, a lot of games are available to play for free using fake money, no strings attached. Often you do not even have to create an account at the casino to play for free.

How do I know that the cards being dealt in video poker are not fixed?

Trustworthy casinos use something called a Random Number Generator (RNG), which is a software that ensures that all card draws are completely random and cannot be known in advance, thus ensuring fair play. Online casinos undergo strict reviews by independent third parties who regulate the games and make sure that all rules are followed.

How do you win at video poker?

You win if you get a good poker hand. In Jacks or Better the lowest pay-out is if you get two Jacks, whereas in some video pokers you will have to get three of a kind (where you need three cards of the same number). The full list of paying hands can be found in the game’s pay table.

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